The Tauten Line Welder


About The Welder

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So What Is It?

The Tauten LineWelder is a compact, handheld, USB-chargeable device that joins the fishing line with a molded-in-place polymer sleeve. It can be used with most common types and brands of fishing line, including 10-12 lb test monofilament, 10-12 lb fluoropolymer, and 10-50 lb test braid. The technology is currently being expanded to include joining braid to monofilament!

How Does It Work?

The LineWelder uses an innovative replaceable cartridge that contains enough custom polymer to form 12 shots. Simply run your line through your hook or lure, load the lines into the welder and press the go button. In 35 seconds the joined line is ready to be removed and may be used immediately. We are constantly testing and developing new polymer formulas which we plan to make available for use with the system.

All Knots Weaken The Line

It doesn't matter what knot you tie, the knot becomes the weakest part of the line. When compared to a Tauten LineWeld, even the best-tied knot increases the chance you may lose that big catch possibly with an expensive lure! In addition, knot tying can be tedious and frustrating.

Get back to what you love and get full strength out of your line every time with the Tauten LineWelder.

The Tauten Line Welder