Bag It – Ice Auger Bag

  • Fits all larger gas-powered augers — 27" total width
  • Durable gauge fabric for rugged outdoor use
  • Waterproof material
  • Environmentally responsible design; contains petroleum leaks
  • 12" storage sleeve with velcro flap closure
  • Reflective label
  • Handles for ease of use
  • Locking drawstring

The Bag-it Ice Auger Bag is the cutting edge of ice auger technology. Its design and durability will forever change your ice fishing experience. The concept is simple: protect your ice auger and your investment from the punishing weather conditions associated with ice fishing.

The Bag-it Ice Auger Bag is made of .022 Poly Duck — “Tough Duck” with .55 mil. PVC vinyl backing. The Bag-it Ice Auger Bag protects the environment by “containing” oil and gas leaks when transporting your auger.

There are no zippers to contend with or fail, just place the Bag-it Ice Auger Bag over the auger motor and align the bag for proper fit. Pull the rope to close the opening of the Bag-it Ice Auger Bag around the auger shaft. (Do not worry, the rope will not bind, it is looped through metal rings for easy closing and the spring locking device will guarantee the Bag-it Ice Auger Bag will not loosen when traveling).

The Bag-it Ice Auger Bag comes with a fluorescent label on the front for night cusk fishing. Just reattach the Bag-it Ice Auger Bag to your auger after drilling your holes. The fluorescent label will warn approaching snowmobiles and ATVs of your trap locations.

The Bag-it Ice Auger Bag comes equipped with a 12" storage pocket and Velcro closing flap. The pocket allows you to store an Ice Auger extension, extra spark plugs, spare pull cord and/or tools which are vital for maintaining the auger while on the lake. The Bag-It Ice Auger Bag has a convenient handle on the top for easy removal from the back of your truck.

When finished using your Ice Auger for hole-drilling, use the Bag-it Ice Auger Bag for snowmobile helmets or equipment that takes up space in your shack. Just place equipment in the Bag-it Ice Auger Bag, pull the rope tight, leave it outside of the trap and your gear will be protected from the elements until you’re ready to leave.

When you’re not fishing, the Bag-it Ice Auger Bag will protect your Ice Auger in storage to assure years of use.

So relax, the Bag-it Ice Auger Bag will protect your Auger from the elements, so your equipment won’t fail you when you need it the most.

Limited Warranty

  • Warranty will be only covered with receipt and customer must first contact Hook, Line and Sinker LLC for authorization.
  • Hook, Line and Sinker LLC reserves the right to accept or refuse returns on a case by case basis.
  • Warranty covers 12 months (One Year) from shipping date.
  • Only items purchased directly from may be returned to Hook, Line and Sinker LLC.
  • Warranty covers repair of damaged Bag-it Auger Bag, caused by faulty workmanship.
  • The original cost of shipping the order to the customer will not be refunded.
  • The cost of shipping the order back to Hook, Line and Sinker LLC will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • Hook, Line and Sinker LLC will return repaired Bag-it Auger Bag, to the customer by U.S.P.S. after repairs are completed by Hook, Line and Sinker LLC.

Bag-It Ice Auger Bag

Available in four colors.  Black/Navy, Black/Red, Camouflage and Green

Available in 21 and 27 inches.