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Welcome! I’ve been a fisherman for most of my life and enjoy both open water and ice fishing. At an early age I was hooked on the sport and would go fishing every chance I could. There is nothing better than to be out on a lake with a fish on the line. Whether sunny day or during inclement weather, I was there!

I was mostly an open water fisherman when I first started out but when you have lived in Maine all your life as I have, you are naturally drawn to ice fishing to satisfy the craving during the winter months. With a couple of close fishing buddies, ice fishing has evolved for me into weekly excursions throughout Maine. We travel to the unpredictable Moosehead Lake as well as other remote destinations in northern Maine. We endure extreme winds, daunting snow and sub-zero conditions for the chance to catch and release trophy salmon, trout, and brookies.

On one particular ice fishing excursion in 1999, the conversation turned to the subject of a better way to transport the ice auger other than the plastic garbage bag we used to cover the motor and contain any oil or gas leaks. I decided to take on the challenge and did extensive research to come up with the best material, added features and enhancements for storing tools and accessories and came up with a versatile basic design. What was the subject of light conversation became my first design — The “Bag-it” Ice Auger bag, truly designed to last a lifetime.

The next design that followed soon after came out of the desire to alleviate the one real drudgery of ice fishing as a sport — the constant shoveling of snow, keeping ice from re-forming over the hole and keeping ice off the ice fishing trap mechanism in inclement weather. The most innovative product in ice fishing since its beginning, “The Weather Deflector” evokes an immediate response to one of its many features from all who see it. The design took several years of trial and error before becoming a finished product. “The Weather Deflector” will benefit anyone who enjoys ice fishing.

Thank you for your interest in our quality ice fishing products and please check for new products coming in the near future.

Fish On!

Michael Ouellette
Designer / Owner